Port Vale Memorabilia Project - 1960's

Programme front of the Port Vale v Czechoslavakian team of 1961. They played a friendly with Port Vale prior to their World Cup qualifying match v Republic of Ireland. Vale Park attracted a crowd of over 22,000 and the visitors won 3-1.
Teams for the FA Cup 5th round v Fulham on 17th February 1962(note car insurance prices!)
Programme of South Shields v Port Vale featuring Sir Stanley Matthews(4 pages) 25/4/66
Plaque-Sunday Pictorial: Giant Killer Cup presented on 19/3/62 to Port Vale

Some Port Vale  Personalities - Ken Hancock

Ken made 442 league appearances in a 15 year career in the football league beginning his career at Port Vale in 1958. He helped the club win the Fourth Division in 1958-59 and remained first choice keeper until he was sold to Ipswich Town for a £10,000 fee in December 1964 where he remembers Bill McGarry’s training regime as “extremely hard”!

Ken had joined the North Staffordshire Regiment in 1958 and worked as a medical orderly. Later at the Vale the club asked him to supply medical treatment to players when the club physio was otherwise occupied! Ken remembers playing 3 matches over the Easter period-2 games against Crewe and 1 against Exeter in 4 days-would modern day players cope with that pressure. For our younger readers it is worth noting that Ken started on £11 per week with £4 win bonus for a win and £2 for a draw. Later in his career he reached the magical amount of £28 per week. A highlight of his career was appearing for Tottenham v Man Utd against the likes of Charlton and Best starring in a 0-0 draw.

(photo of Ken and 6 other ex-players at presentation of replica ball to “Save the Vale” youngster Max Buchanan)